Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why Buttons? (SUBTITLE: Experiments in the 3rd Dimension)

This week's layout was spurred by 2 different scrapbooking trends that I find intriguing and confusing. First off, when were buttons elected into the House of Scrapresentatives? And why, in this seat of power, did they illegalize the immigration of other items originally intended for other uses onto scrapbook layouts? Since those who regularly to sew integrated things that they used daily into their layouts including just plain sewing on them, I decided do do the same with items I use daily.

Second of all, with scrapbooking constantly pushing the "mold" (and by mold I mean the little plastic pages that they are slid/forcibly squished into) to its limits, I decided I would try and push those limits even further, while still being true to the depths of my artistic.....soul, yeah...that's it...soul.

Also, this layout was submitted to a sketch challenge HERE

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go nail my layout to something,



  1. I adore the flowered hammer. What a statement. And good luck in the challenge. You are a Shoe-in! Ha! :)

  2. OMG!!! shoe - the hammer really gives it a great affect! did glue dots adhere the hammer onto your page well? *teehee* awesome page and I LOVE THAT PHOTO!!!

  3. PMSL, i aint never seen anything like in my life, but it's way too cool!!!!
    Thank's for doing a take my sketch!!!!

  4. OMG!! This is so funny!
    I love your take on the sketch!! WTG!!
    Love the hammer!!
    So clever and so very unique!!
    Love your picture!!

  5. Shoe, brilliant work as always. Love your take on the sketch and the wonderful use of Graphic45 pp. I totally agree with you on the button issue, since I happen to have a phobia of buttons. We should team up and start a button counter-revolution. Also, hopefully you won't mind if I show your inspiring work of art to my husband - I am ever on a quest to find something wonderful enough to spark his creative juices and make him want to join in on this hobby - I think you might have finally done it!

  6. This is so rad! You've really twisted your LO into a manly man page with that hammer. The hot pink pearl and red flower really cracked me up. LOVE IT!!!

  7. You had me at Canadian and Ninja. Since I'm Canadian, and well - Ninja is an hourly word in this house (one of my son's first words). DH and the boy dress up as ninja's on a regular basis.

    Oh, and love the flower on the hammer.